1. Where can I buy Tiamo products?

Our products are sold at various toy and baby stores. See list of stores

2. Are the Tiamo items tested?

All of our products are CE approved. All items are tested and meet European standards, the products are tested and controlled both during the production process and before the goods are shipped. We have been working same manufacturer for more than 15 years and we can include a test report with each product.

3. I lost the favourite toy of my child, where can I get it?

How annoying! Unfortunately this happens sometimes, we are being called and e-mailed daily with the desperate question whether we still have the favourite cuddle of your (grand) child in our collection! We offer an innovative collection which changes yearly, the chance of having your favourite cuddle on stock is because of that unfortunately very small. Luckily there are some websites, so called "cuddle lost sites", here you can register your lost cuddle or you might even find your lost cuddle back.

4. There is a part missing from a product I bought, can I order this from you?

For a quick and direct solution, we recommend you always to return the product to the store where the item was purchased. Depending on the product and the nature of the problem, they will take care of it and offer a suitable solution. If necessary we order a spare part, repair the product or replaced it. Of course, a receipt will expedite this.

5. Are there any washing instructions?

Please find the product on our website, you will see the washing instructions mentioned there.

6. I have not received an answer to my e-mail yet?

We always try to answer you as soon as possible. Please always check your spam mail, it is possible you will receive our answer there. We work Monday till Friday during office hours.

7. I have a question but it is not mentioned here.

Please ask your question through our contact form on the contact page. We will answer you as soon as possible.




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